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Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Build a better future through your SMSF, with flexible investments across crypto, precious metals and other alternatives, all within Australia’s most tax efficient investment vehicle.

Alternative Investment Friendly

  • Crypto
  • Gold
  • Direct property
  • Direct shares
  • ESICs
  • and more
SMSF Benefits

Unrivalled Opportunity

  • Your selection of investments from the platforms and brokerages of your choice. Your SMSF is a flexible investment vehicle that can acquire shares, real-estate and a whole range of alternatives. We support your investments in crypto, precious metals and collectables.
  • Gifted with a low tax rate of only 15%, SMSFs were designed for Australians to save for retirement. With an effective tax rate of 10% on long-term capital investments and 0% on income at retirement, the compounding effects of tax efficiency can be truly staggering on long term wealth.
  • Fixed compliance fees mean that as your fund size grows, you pay a lower percentage fee and continue to achieve better performance. This is in stark contrast to the variable costs seen in industry and retail APRA funds. Your existing APRA fund will continue to charge a percentage of your total wealth, taking an ever increasing fee as your fund grows, despite doing little extra to warrant it.
Australia's Favourite

Australia's favourite long-term investment vehicle

  • Every working Australian already has Superannuation, but very few are making the most of it. It’s the most overlooked and neglected source of wealth, despite being the most important. As a nation we are carelessly setting up multiple accounts, stacking on duplicated insurance policies and not paying enough attention to our super
  • As soon as it makes financial sense, you should be asking yourself if an SMSF is right for you. Keep in mind that an SMSF can currently have up to 4 members, helping to split the costs involved. With the right support, you can build a better future alongside the 597,900 active SMSFs across Australia that manage a combined $789 billion in assets.
Your benefits with us

Working with us

  • By partnering with Kova Tax, you unlock the full potential of your SMSF. We support the providers and services of your choice without the arbitrary restrictions and lock-in encountered with wholesale SMSF providers. We are passionate about the digital asset and alternatives space and actively support your investments in these sectors.
  • You receive a direct engagement with a highly skilled and dedicated adviser who will be allocated to your Fund. No call center hell or delayed responses from unskilled offshore accountants run by wholesale SMSF providers. Don’t leave your future sitting in economy when you deserve first-class.
  • We are bringing professional services to you the way they were always intended to be. It’s your vision for your future and not ours. We are your qualified support team who can provide tax advice.

Full Stack Support

  • Establishment Advice

    Ensure your SMSF is setup correctly and meets your specific needs. Receive ongoing advice to maximise your contribution strategy and save for your future in the most effective way possible.
  • Establishment

    We ensure your SMSF is set up with a modern and up to date SMSF Trust Deed that explicitly supports investments in crypto and other alternatives. All of your declarations, company and SMSF documents will be provided.
  • Full Compliance

    Our service includes all of your mandatory annual financial statements, tax return and audit. We ensure your fund is always compliant, all from one place, without the hassle of orchestrating multiple professionals and advisers.
The Process

Setting up your SMSF

  • 1.

    Financial Advice

    Financial advice is recommended for anyone who is either unsure of the suitability of an SMSF for them or is uncertain on the exact details of the structure they should be setting up. With financial advice, a professional will analyse your financial situation in detail and provide our opinion specific to your circumstances by issuing you with a Statement of Advice (SOA).
    Not everyone needs financial advice, and if you are knowledgeable and have done the necessary research, then you may decide it is not required. In this case, just let us know that financial advice is not required for you, and provide details for the SMSF that you require us to set up. We can still provide you with all of our other services.
  • 2.


    Your entities are setup and registered with the ATO and ASIC. This includes the Corporate Trustee and the SMSF Trust. You and your fund members will have many documents to sign and it is important that you spend the time to do this correctly. Your SMSF documents, in particular the Trust Deed, must be physically signed by hand to ensure they have been correctly executed and to remove any doubt that the SMSF has been legally established.
  • 3.

    Account Setup

    With your SMSF setup complete, we can assist you to open a bank account and you can register with any of the brokerages, trading platforms or other services you will use to make investments. We help you do this the right way, so that you continue as a complying SMSF and do not put your tax incentives at risk.
  • 4.

    Investment Strategy

    It is a requirement for your SMSF to adopt an Investment Strategy. This document is a comprehensive guide to your strategy for investments and details your decision making on specific investment types. When making investments into alternatives it is even more critical that justification and reasoning be provided for all investments undertaken by the fund. We streamline this process for you by assisting you to pre-fill and complete an Investment Strategy that will keep your fund compliant.
  • 5.


    Once your bank account is ready, you can initiate the rollover of your existing superannuation and direct any ongoing contributions into your new SMSF. With your investment strategy in place, and all accounts setup, your fund can begin making investments.


Everything included to keep you compliant and on-track with support from our SMSF team.

*all prices are inclusive of GST

Setup costs - once off

$ 1,800 + $ 576 (ASIC company setup fee)
  • SMSF establishment with corporate trustee
  • Trustee company documents
  • SMSF trust deed and documents
  • Comprehensive investment strategy
  • ABN and TFN registration
  • Full support via email or call.
  • Assistance to open a Macquarie Bank CMA.

Minimum Costs

$265 per month (inc gst) The minimum costs are designed to support your SMSF to undertake standard investments into alternatives, including crypto. Depending on the size of the fund and the scale of the activities, there may be additional costs that will be provided as a customised quote. ATO supervisory levy + $259 per year ASIC SMSF corporate trustee renewal fee + $63 per year
  • Up to two members
  • Annual tax and audit compliance
  • Annual financial statements and investment reports
  • Annual investment strategy documentation
  • Support via email
  • Electronic Service Address (ESA)
  • Digital currency investments on a single approved Australian exchange
  • Gold, silver and platinum investments from any compliant bullion dealer
  • Share investments on a single approved Australian exchange or broker
  • Up to 150 transactions annually


  • Your SMSF has fixed annual costs including the tax return, financial statements and annual audit. The monthly compliance package stretches these costs over the course of the full financial year. If your SMSF is established before 30 June you will still accrue fees for each month of the entire financial year, as the annual compliance work must still be completed in full.

Building a better digital world

Kova Tax is a tech-driven accounting firm building a better digital world for crypto SMSFs, businesses and individuals. Our accountants are not just skilled professionals, but also passionate investors in the digital asset space. Kova Tax is a corporate member of Blockchain Australia and participates in the Tax Working Group where we are driving positive legislative changes in this sector. We are published in the Institute of Public Accountants for our work on digital assets and present at a number of industry conferences throughout the year. We are Australia’s first accounting firm to enable all of our employees to be paid in bitcoin and we accept crypto as payment for our services. We are driven to building a better digital world.

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