Get funded through a government grant

Any business with a long term vision requires constant investment to build capital assets and fund growth into new markets. Your business will need to take risks to fund development and research into novel products or to bring a new product to market. If your business is still young it is unlikely that you will have the capital reserves to fund such a program, so if you want to continue to grow you need to look for external funding sources. Before you go looking for private investment or taking on debt, you should consider what government funding sources are available. There are many grants available both on a federal and state level.

"Our advisors can help you get funded!"

Although there are many grants are available, the best ones are competitive and you must be well prepared to demonstrate how your product, idea or business will meet the criteria set out for funding. The most successful applications have the right strategy, are well thought out and have been designed to meet the application criteria.


We have found that no matter the grant or funding source being applied for, there are always three main components to any application. Our strategy for your funding application involves:

  1. Understand: Deep-dive review into your business or product
  2. Technical: Match your existing solution into the required application criteria
  3. Subjective: Reading in-between the lines to ensure the application also meets the non-explicit reviewer expectations

Depending on the grant and your business needs, we can also assist with any ongoing reporting requirements through the funding lifecycle if successful.

Pay for outcomes

Applying for funding can be an expensive process and at the end of the day there is no guarantee that you will be successful. Our service has been designed to take on a lot of the potential risk and downside for you. We do this through a base + performance fee. So you only put down a small amount up front and then you pay for outcomes. If you don't get funded, you don't pay the performance fee - it's that simple.

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