Tax Consultation

Do you have a burning tax question? is your portfolio growing and you don't have a plan? is tax uncertainty holding you back? Our tax consultations are easy to schedule, done over video or call and provide real solutions to your specific circumstances. We have an effective process that ensures you get the most value from your consultation. Pay, Prepare and Zoom.

Tax Certainty

Understand your tax outcomes based on your specific circumstances. Answers to your burning tax questions.

Tax Reduction

Smart strategies to eliminate, split and defer tax. Keep more so you can make more.

Tax Insights

We don't just solve your problems, we also increase your understanding. No jargon or complex legalese.

.. and your consultation is tax deductible

Building a better digital world

Kova Tax is a tech-driven accounting firm building a better digital world for crypto SMSFs, businesses and individuals. Our accountants are not just skilled professionals, but also passionate investors in the digital asset space. Kova Tax is a corporate member of Blockchain Australia and participates in the Tax Working Group where we are driving positive legislative changes in this sector. We are published in the Institute of Public Accountants for our work on digital assets and present at a number of industry conferences throughout the year. We are Australia’s first accounting firm to enable all of our employees to be paid in bitcoin and we accept crypto as payment for our services. We are driven to building a better digital world.

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