About us

Hi there.

We’re Kova Tax - a tech-driven accounting firm building a better digital world for crypto businesses and investors.

We’re modern accountants doing big things

Sure – “accounting” can sound a bit dry, but what we do is far from that.

In fact, we’re working with some of the latest digital and financial tech in the world right now – and this is very exciting. You see, these new innovations are changing the entire world and while people like yourself are keeping up, experimenting with new digital technology and embracing it, your typical, more traditional accountants aren’t.

When your accountants don’t fully appreciate digital advancements like crypto, it’s hard to get the best outcomes for you.

Kova Tax keeps up with the world you live in

Whether you’re investing in innovative tech, you’re a tech entrepreneur or you know that these advancements are the future, you need accountants who understand the industry.

But we do more than just understand them. We’re able to help you get the best tax outcomes in areas such as crypto and other innovative financial products that are changing the world.

We deliver the best tax outcomes for investors, traders, and tech businesses.

How do we help you - the modern client?

If you’re reading this, you’re a forward-thinking person.

You’ve probably found us because you’re looking for an accounting firm that gets new financial trends. Well – you’re in the right place. We place technology and software at the core of our services so we can work with you across all areas of your business and investments.

It’s all about helping you to make more informed decisions, improve your tax-strategy and achieve the best outcome.

Your modern accounting partners

Whether you’re hands-on or not with your tax compliance, we provide you with a stress-free and insightful accounting, tax and advisory service.

You’ll notice that our quality is consistent from day one, and our pricing is transparent so that you always know what you are getting upfront. Our focus on crypto allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed the high standards required for this unique industry.

Our credentials, accreditations and network

At Kova Tax, we practise what we preach and collaborate with a network of accounting associations and industry partners – all of which give you an advantage when you work with us.

Here are just a few.

Tax Practitioners Board

We are registered as a Tax Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board of Australia and are able to provide you with tax agent services.

Tax Practitioners Board

Institute of Public Accountants

We are a member and holder of our Professional Practice Certificate (PPC) through the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA).

Institute of Public Accountants

The Tax Institute

We are a member and Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) with The Tax Institute (TTI), the leading professional body in Australia for tax accountants. Our membership with TTI ensures our tax knowledge and the advice you receive is always of the highest calibre.

The Tax Institute

Blockchain Australia

Kova Tax is a corporate member of Blockchain Australia and participates in the Tax Working Group where we are driving positive legislative changes in the crypto and blockchain sector.

Blockchain Australia

Fintech Australia

Kova Tax is excited to be a member of Fintech Australia, the leading professional body for fintech professionals and businesses.

Fintech Australia

Want accountants who keep up with the world you live in?

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