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Innovative tax solutions

With many years of experience at Kova Tax our consulting service finds innovative and exceptional solutions to difficult taxation issues. We advise on all aspects of taxation including Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, GST, and Payroll Tax.

We also advise on tax efficient structures for business use, including the use of trusts for income distribution. We are also well versed in a variety of alternative investment options and are industry leaders in the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies in Australia.

We manage all interactions with the ATO on your behalf. You can sleep easy, knowing your tax position has been closed out correctly and with the best outcome possible. We also handle private rulings and other enquiries or disputes with the ATO.

At Kova Tax we have an internal software development team that can produce automation solutions for your tax needs. So if you have a non-standard problem or just want to see how automation can save you time and labour, ask us.

Kova Tax Logo

As accounting professionals, we have the experience to advise on all aspects of tax no matter how complicated. We can solve your problem.