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Services for new business owners

We understand how daunting it is, to be standing at the starting line of a new business. Your needs as an owner of a new business differ greatly from our clients who have been in business for years or even decades. We take your startup stage into account and focus on providing a three-point strategy that makes sense for your needs:

  1. Fixed-pricing and comprehensive packages to make sure you have no surprises.
  2. Setting up a best-practice framework for you to grow your business within.
  3. Ongoing one-on-one coaching to support your growth, free of charge for our clients.

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Contact one of our professionals today and see how we can help you launch and grow your startup.

Free Startup Consultation

Our firm is passionate about contributing back to the local startup community and we schedule a few hours each week to give our knowledge away. As a young startup, we know you have many specific accounting and tax questions. We are excited to set aside 30min to chat through them with you, at no cost.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation for your startup.

Free Consultation