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Self-Managed Super Funds

  • take control of your financial future

Self-Managed Super Funds

Plan, setup and account for your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) all in one place. As a representative of an Australian Financial Services Licence, we are able to give you the specific financial advice required for planning your SMSF. When you are ready to create your future, we prepare the required legal documentation and register your SMSF. Our philosophy is all about enabling you to make the investments that you want without arbitrary restrictions, after all an SMSF is about taking control of your financial future. We are your support team, ready and qualified to help you achieve your goals.

We offer a range of SMSF products that can be tailored for your needs:

  • Low-Cost SMSF
  • Standard SMSF
  • Family SMSF
  • Bloodline SMSF
  • Alternative Investment SMSF
  • Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBA)

We handle all compliance aspects of your SMSF, so you can focus on your strategy.

  • Accounting and Administration
  • Tax Compliance
  • Independent Audit

Kova Tax Logo

Take control of your financial future with a self-managed super fund. See how partnering with Kova Tax can unlock an SMSF without arbitrary limits.

Kova Tax Difference

Our goal is simple, we are here to support you and the members of your fund. We offer a genuine service that will grow with you as your future grows. We support you in the investments that you want to make, and are always ready to offer you the advice and support you need.

No Commissions

We do not receive any commissions and we do not recommend specific investment products. Our goal is to set up a safe framework for you to manage your future. Managing your future is a large responsibility and you should feel confident that the professionals assisting you are always acting in your best interest.


We have the necessary knowledge and qualifications to assist you in every aspect of your SMSF. As accounting professionals we must adhere to a strict level of professional education requirements and have an ethical duty to all of our SMSF clients. We take our duty to you very seriously.