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  • for individuals, couples and families.

Services for individuals, couples and families

We are a full service accounting firm and have the skill to not only do your required tax lodgement, but also the experience and knowledge to give tax advice on a whole range of investment options. As a representative of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) holder, we are able to give you specific financial advice on self-managed super funds, you can find out more about our SMSF options.

We can help you solve your problems on a variety of matters:

  • Tax lodgement and amendments for individuals
  • Discounted tax lodgements for couples and families
  • Tax advice for real estate and property purchases and sales
  • Tax advice on domestic and foreign share purchases and sales
  • Tax advice on other alternative investment opportunities
  • Tax considerations for non-resident or new resident couples
  • Income distribution trust arrangements for families and couples

You will benefit from our taxation advice on a large range of alternative investments:

  • investment and insurance bonds
  • early-stage investment companies (ESIC)
  • hybrid securities
  • forex trading
  • futures and options trading
  • digital currencies, assets and ICOs
  • peer-to-peer lending
  • binary options and CFDs

As a representative of an AFSL holder we are licensed to provide you with specific financial advice on the following products:

  • basic deposit products
  • superannuation including SMSFs

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