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  • use your valuable data to your advantage

Your data is valuable

Data-analytics lets you get more from what you already have, and identify trends to give you confidence in where you are headed. Our philosophy is to take a pure quantitative and data-driven approach to our engagement with you, we let the data do the talking and communicate the key insights to you and your team in an understandable way.

Data-analytics is always tailored to your needs. Here is a small sample to see what is possible:

  • Trends in revenue and expenses
  • KPIs based on products and business
  • Transaction analysis to find your real costs and profits
  • Fraudulent or duplicate transactions that have remained undetected
  • Cash-flow forecast
  • Product cost-sensitivity analysis
  • Bill of materials
  • Employee cost vs profit trade-off

Unlike most accounting firms, we have an internal software development team that is client focused. We are capable of implementing custom systems and processes for your business, to extract the most valuable insights from your data.

  • Data mining and extraction
  • Statistical modelling and data analysis
  • Custom analysis routines
  • Custom automation software
  • Link your applications

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