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Kova Tax is an industry leader in the provision of specialised accounting, taxation and business advisory services in the cryptocurrency space. We work with clients ranging from everyday investors up to sophisticated trading operations that tally in the millions of trades. Whatever your requirements, we can assist you in navigating this challenging space.

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Specialised Accounting

The benefits of Kova Tax

We speak your language, chain-splits, ICOs and even coin-burnings, we have heard it all and more. We know and understand how challenging this space is, so we dig deep to understand your particular circumstances, and we work diligently to get you the best outcome possible.

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Tailored Advice

Your situation is unique. Don't miss out on large tax savings though incorrect advice. If you have a challenging situation then we can assist in getting a private ruling.

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Cryptocurrency is the first major investment for many of our clients and we appreciate how confusing our taxation system can be. Let us help you navigate the waters safely.

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Best Outcome

We consider multiple taxation strategies to ensure that you always receive the best taxation outcome and save you money.

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Big Data

We have an internal software team that can handle your needs at scale. Clients reaching into the millions of transactions are welcome here.

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Seriously we have heard it all

As a specialist accountancy we really know our space, and we are constantly developing our skills and understanding to keep it that way. You can rest assured that we can handle anything that you can throw at us.

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Big gains in the ICO market deserve special consideration. Don't pay a cent more than required.

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Chain-Splits and Airdrops

Everything from major forks to random airdrops, we know what to do with those coins.

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Special Payments

Bug bounties, affiliates and gifts. You may not have to pay tax on your special payments.

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We can help you in maximising your claims on all mining related expenses.

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Sometimes things don't work out, but we will still be here to help you offset your losses.

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We can handle trading activity into the millions of transactions across all major exchanges.


Our Services

Not only are we specialists in digital assets and cryptocurrencies, but we are also well equipped to handle all common individual and business needs. Our first consultation with you is free of charge, and our quotes are always fixed price so you know exactly what you are up for.

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If digital currency is a core part of your business then specialist advice can help you get the answers you need.

  • Written advice specific to your needs.
  • Managing cash flow and tax obligations.
  • Minimise your taxation and audit risk.
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Tax Compliance

If you had a busy year trading digital assets, then you need a specialised tax agent that fully understands your activities.

  • Categorisation of your trading, investment or business activity.
  • Best outcome consideration of multiple taxation strategies.
  • You can claim our service as an expense on next years tax return.
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Tax Planning

Gearing up for a big disposal? We can help you estimate your tax outcome so you don't get caught short at end of year.

  • Determine the tax effect of your intended activity.
  • Estimate your total tax obligation before end of year.
  • Ensure compliance with ATO requirements and guidelines.
Customer First

Customer-centric, no matter where you are.

We are a customer-centric firm that puts you first. As a modern firm we realised that our clients were scattered all across Australia, so although we do recommend you come in and meet us if you can, you don't have to. We are fully equipped to do all of your taxation, accounting and advisory remote, no matter where you are in Australia.

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